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First VISION ZERO Europe Conference


VIZE Europe ended 9 September 2016. A huge thank you to all sponsors, speakers and participants who made this fantastic event possible!

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First VISION ZERO Europe Conference

Relive the moments of the First VISION ZERO Europe Conference with over 250 photos!

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More than 50 speakers from 17 countries

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VISION ZERO is a prevention strategy and reflects a fundamental attitude based on the idea that every accident at work or on the roads can be prevented if the right measures are put in place in good time. The same goes for occupational illnesses, and there is a particular focus on preventing accidents that lead to fatalities or permanent damage to health.

"VISION ZERO – what else?" descibes the origins of VISION ZERO, its spread throughout the world and the "Seven Golden Rules" which help companies to implement safety and health systematically and in a well-proven way into their individual operations. The 15-pager, written by ISSA Mining Secretary General Helmut Ehnes, is available as a PDF-file for free download.

"VISION ZERO – what else?" (PDF-file, 15 pages)

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